Saturday 14th saw the Rams welcome Hyndland RFC to Holm Park for the West Division 3 match, a return match after losing the away fixture 35v32 just a couple of weeks ago at Scotstoun.

The Rams seeked to get the rewards this week after some better performances in recent weeks despite the final results.

In near perfect conditions Max Douglas got the game underway with kick deep into the Hyndland half.

Hyndland started well with good exchanges between the forwards carrying and the backs running with ball in hand and this was soon put to good effect with quick ball and after several forward phases caught the Rams backline napping and a 2v1 out wide allowed the Hyndland winger to run in the early score unconverted 0v5 Hyndland.

Some more sustained pressure came from a Hyndland lineout deep in the 22, pressure saw the Rams force a knock on and Cammy Little cleared the lines from the resulting scrum.

The Rams started to show more promise in their plays Chris Collins had some good runs from centre despite a speed wobble or two he managed to gain ground but Allan Tyler soon gathered a ball in open play and took off down field some 40m before offloading to Garry Cameron who look set to get his second try of the season only for some good defending to hault his efforts with Hyndland winning the turnover to clear their lines.

From the lineout the Rams moved the ball into the midfield again Collins punching some holes before some slow ruck ball through the forwards saw Scott Cochrane and Tyler both have attempts on the line and the descion was inevitable in at least one of the attemps try Yes? Try No said the referee held up. Channelling anger into the scrum and no8 Cochrane had an easy pick and off he went blind, again some stout defence from Hyndland he was stopped but from the resulting ruck Douglas found Tyler gathering momentum and he crashed over from short range and no mistake this time Try. kick was missed by Douglas 5v5.

Just like the away game it was entertaing at each end of Holm Park and both teams having a real go at each other.

A Hyndland scrum 10m from their own line saw the Rams get that elusive nudge on and forcing the pressure on the opposition, the Hyndland 9 put his backline in trouble with a poor pass only for the passing to continue to the winger who then met the ever advancing "Hulk with nae bulk Douglas" to thunder him into touch, from here the tempo was pumped, a good lineout off the top from Mark Walker Jones found Ryan Herdsman on the loop who put Tyler into another opportunity to run taking 2 defenders to stop him, Douglashad the forwards working round and again and his good service to Cammy he pulled a pass wide to Josh Burgess who stepped inside waltzed through the gap only for another tackle on the line, a premature celebration from Burgess caught the ref off guard and it was a declared knock on.

From the scrum Rams kept up the momentum and this time took one against the head, Douglas had no time but to fire a pass out to Cammy and he released the centres to crash up. From here Douglas earned his pocket money for the week with 2 rucks in quick succession found Cammy who deployed cannon ball Craig Currie who was found lurking in the 13 channel or maybe taking a breather I'll let you decide but the pass he took in stride and explode he did gaining some vital yards, now 15m from the line Douglas sniping away around the ruck he continued the pattern to Cammy who had little room to play but a good line from hooker Herdsman created the decoy and a Stuart Hogg style step from the coach was enough to hit the gap and score leaving the defenders flat footed. 10v5 kick missed.

Hyndland responded with a penalty kick attempt just inside the 22, but this was wide, the 22 drop out was gathered and the pressure followed. A series of penaltys against the Rams, Hyndland took to the corner for a lineout only for a side entry from the Rams which gave the visitors the advantage to play on and score a converted try HT 10v12.

Second half underway and the Rams soon felt the pressure, countless penalties saw Hyndland awarded a penalty for high tackle just off the lineout to claw their way back. A quick tap and several carries saw Hyndland score to go 10v17.

Some changes made for the Rams Martin Salaman and Scott Galloway brought the fine physique to the front row and set piece only strengthened. The ball was moved early from the restart out wide to Stefan Jackson who had a good run followed by a kick ahead only for him to be taken late off the ball. Penalty for the Rams and they decided to set up a penalty move working their way across field gaining ground. That good ball from Douglas found Cammy who linked well with Salaman and he crashed over and converted 17v17.

Some errors creeping in from Hyndland and a knock on soon got the Rams well up the pitch from here a scrum resulted into a penalty and Douglas added the 3pts 20v17.

This was short lived and Hyndland responded with a penalty of their own after an infringement at a ruck 20v20.

From the restart Salaman gathered the high ball and hot footed it back passing a number of Hyndland players in his way.

Some scrappy phases and a lose ball was rescued by Cammy who started the platform for the forwards to work in roads. Douglas delivered his usual excellent service, big carries through Johnny Little and Cochrane soon worked the ball back to Cammy who linked again with Salaman and a late call inside saw the big prop crash over for his second of the day. Converted 27v20.

The last 10minutes was tight as discipline cost the Rams metres after several penalties against.

Hyndland narrowed the scores with a penalty in front of goal. 27v23

Several exchanges of possession and a test of the two defences but a solid scrum from the Rams allowed them time to clear the lines.

From the lineout Hyndland moved it through the forwards into open play only for Tyler to put in the timely tackle and latch onto the ball forcing a penalty and Hyndland holding on. Cammy sent it down field for the lineout. With time running down and a steady lineout was needed a slight over throw wasn't planned and Hyndland set off across field through the backs. The drifting defence done their job and forced the Hyndland centre back in field for the oncoming Tyler again covering tracks to put in a good tackle which unfortunately was followed by a scream from the centre as he landed awkwardly in a accidental injury ending the game with seconds remaining.

Ft 27v23 Rams.

Another good game against old rivals Hyndland and 5 points for the Rams for their hard work and determination. "Some good performances all round from the squad" added Johnny. "The forwards provided the platform going forward and the halfback pairing Max and Cammy pulling plays together but the former who went that extra mile or two went through a power of work earning his MOM performance."


J Little S Galloway S Borthwick G Cameron M W Jones S Cochrane R Herdsman G Robinson G Beamish M Salaman A Tyler M Douglas C Little G Smith C Collins M Robinson S Jackson J Burgess

Next match is away on 21st April vs Glasgow Medics ko3pm please follow our website or Facebook for more club information www.moffatramsrfc.org


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