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🐏Friday 13th🏉 🐏 Sunday 15th 🏉

🐏Friday 13th🏉 Moffat P5 travelled to Scotstoun on Friday for a tournament with Stewartry, Ellon, Hamilton, GHK , Newton Stewart, Irvine, and Greenock and the chance to play at half time of the Glasgow warriors v Connacht game. Team arrived and were excited to see Scotland & Warriors players Huw Jones and Alex Dunbar.

Game one against Greenock, Moffat with the tap and pass. Really good passing seen Moffat score in the corner. Moffat were playing really well and kept the ball going but Greenock soon answered back with a turnover and a score. Communicating and all tackling well couldn’t stop a Greenock score but Moffat pushed on and scored again within minutes. Final score Moffat 5 Greenock 3. Scores from Murray, Innis, Imogen, Campbell and Kyle. A water break and a team talk from Coaches ahead of game two against GHK. Again Moffat were playing fantastic rugby and up for the challenge. Great footwork and evasion skills saw scores for Moffat. Campbell with a tackle and steal to score. Scores from Kyle, Imogen and Tom made it Moffat 4 GHK 2.

Game three seen Moffat face a familiar team in Stewartry who were equally up for the match. Stewartry scored first with some impressive footwork and missed tackles from Moffat. Moffat allowed the agile player to score again before stepping up and scoring and eventually take the lead securing a half time final on the main pitch. Final score Moffat 4 Stewartry 2 with a Hat-trick hero Campbell and Tom scoring for the Rams. Well done team. Now Ellon in the final.

Half time came and the final game. The game started quickly with some hard running and some quick ball and before you know it Moffat had scored in the corner. Ellon weren’t going to give up that easily with a score straight back. AgainMoffat were back carrying ball hard and passing the ball well for another score in the corner. Ellon came back but with some hard tackles and a brilliant turnover Moffat secured another score. Final score Moffat 3 Ellon 2. Scores from Murray, Kyle, and Tom.

Well done to all the players who travelled and played in the tournament. Great effort and not many people can say they have played in front of 7000 people. The boys and girls were all very happy with the result and look forward to Sunday’s fixture against Annan.

🐏 Sunday 15th 🏉 A dull morning at The Holm saw the P4/5 Rams face Annan in a late arranged friendly. The juniors warmed up and the game got under way with Annan with the tap and pass. Moffat moved up and were making tackles first time but tackle after tackle couldn’t stop a speedy Annan player and the Rams conceded. Moffat were carrying the ball and were looking to score but Annan made the tackles and took advantage of the sleepy Rams, stealing the ball and scoring several times.

Half time team talk and the boys were back out again promising hard tackling and great carrying of the ball. The boys were let down with some errors and Annan capitalised and scored again. The boys were tackling well but weren’t strong enough to beat a good Annan side and the visitors came out on top.

A mixed game followed to round off the morning for the tired P4/5 team. A few points to work on at training on Wednesday for the team before Sunday when the will be attending the Stewartry Annual Tournament.

Team - Tom, Liam, Ellis, Caelan, John, Kyle, Brodie, Finlay, Innes and James



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