Juniors Annual Award Ceremony

Well done to all of our Juniors on a fantastic season. Missing from the day was Player Player for P4 - Fraser Dodd

Coaches Player - Brodie Copland

Sam Leask Player of the Tournament- Oliver Barnard

Most Improved Player - John Spence

Players Player - Kyle Smith

The Micro winners

Most Improved- Lewis Gladwin

Coaches Player - Imogen Spence

The P4 winners

Players Player- Euan Kirkpatrick

Coaches Player - Jake McKill

Most Improved - Eva Graham

The P5 winners

Coaches Player - James Collinge

Players Player - Lorne Wright

Most Improved- Freddie Duncan

The P6/7 winners and their Coach Mark Brand who received a Special Recognition Award for his commitment to coaching and services to Rugby.

Sandy Turner - Special Recognition & Services to Rugby Award

Team Photo


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