A note from our New President Mr Andy Ferguson.

"I am delighted as my first duty as President to accept this letter from SRU showing Moffat Rugby Club have fully complied with our governing body's code of practice in relation to our coaching team. So it's a big thank you and we'll done to all our coaching team"

26th May 2016

Dear President

RugbyRight online course compliance - Season 2015/16

It is a minimum safety requirement that all coaches in Scotland have to successfully complete the online RugbyRight course. We have now completed the process of measuring each club’s compliance against this requirement based on the active coaches data that you provided. In line with previous years, we have allocated each club a rating of RED, AMBER or GREEN based upon the percentage of active coaches who have completed the online course with:

RED = 0-49% of active coaches being compliant

AMBER = 50-74% of active coaches being compliant

GREEN = 75-100% of active coaches being compliant

At this point we would like to confirm that your club’s compliance rating is GREEN.

The outcome of the compliance process also contributes towards your eligibility for the £500 coaching investment detailed in this season’s Club Participation Agreement that will be paid at the end of May. The three criteria for the investment are as follows:

1. Submit a complete and accurate register of all active coaches.

2. A minimum of 75% of coaches having completed the online RugbyRight safety course.

3. A Club Coaching Coordinator.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in ensuring your club coaches are adopting the safest coaching practice. For the small group of coaches at the club who are yet to complete the RugbyRight online course, please ensure they complete the course next season.

Best wishes for the coming season.

Yours sincerely

Nick Rennie

Head of Club Services

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